Developments at St.Mary’s

This summer we saw a lot of changes to our school with a reconfiguration of a classroom to create a second ASD class and the construction of a modular unit to accommodate the students who were displaced from the reconfiguration. The completion of all building is expected by the middle of October 2023. All our students have been excitedly watching the new building progress on a daily basis and we’re delighted to welcome all our lovely new students and teaching staff to the school as a direct result of these school developments.

It has been an eventful few months! Our playground space also saw some great developments this summer, and we’ve the grandparents and parents of our school to thank for this as many, many years of fundraising was used to create this magnificent space for our 110 students!

Obstacle courses for all

Our playground welcomed the installation of monkey bars, swinging log bridges and a log traverse. This has been the best money spent to date, with children on a daily basis practicing their skills on the monkey bars in particular. We predict a huge surge of gymnasts to local coaches as a result!

Aistear play space

Our Parent’s Association funded the creation of this wonderful Aistear play space for our infant students, although in reality all children are welcomed into the space. We have hopes and dreams to expand upon this space as the years go on.

Additional ground space for wet days

The final installation was of this huge tarmac play space which will prove extremely useful during wet days over the Winter months where previously all students were crammed onto a smaller playground space and where play equipment had to be reduced for safety reasons. Now with all this space, we can use every part of our playground to its fullest with few restrictions regardless of weather.

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