And we have a WINNER! To the Disney Movie Quiz!

Thank you to both Amy and Emma who entered our little Disney competition.

To make it fair, both student names were put into a hat 3 times each…and….Emma’s name was chosen by an independent judge! Well done Emma! A prize will be posted to you later this week.

Amy, we won’t forget you either, a small prize will be posted to you too this week, seeing as you both got ALL the answers correct. 🌈🥳👍

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  1. 1bambi-bambi 2bart-mary poppins 3disgust-inside out 4dopey-snow white 5dumbo-dumbo 6elasta girl-the incredibles 7fransis-a bugs life 8genie-aladdin 9jock-lady and the tramp 10lt.judy hoppes-zootopia 11megara-herculrs 12maui-moana

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