Thank you!

By Amber

Thank you to everyone who is sending in their projects and artwork that is being produced at home! They are brilliant everyone!

The first of which can be viewed in our gallery page. Excellent work done everyone! Keep sending us your photos/stories/poems.

By sharing your activities we will be giving our friends ideas of what they can do at home, but you also might be inspired to try something you haven’t done before too!

We miss you all, and are working hard on ways in which we can all stay connected from our homes.

Friday’s Art Lesson

Traditionally, most teachers have an art lesson prepared for a Friday. Today’s art lesson will be delivered using YouTube. It’s focus is upon using various art forms, including line, shape and texture.
Today you’ll create a modern art version of a “Selfie”! This tutorial looks at the artwork by Canadian Artist, Sandra Silberzweig.

It asks for you to use chalk pastels and coloured paper, but use whatever you might have to hand at home, cereal boxes or plain paper, paint or crayons.

When you’re finished your Sandra Silberzweig inspired “Selfie” email the school with an image of your finished work. We would love to see how it turns out!

Seeking your photos!!!

All your teachers know you’re working hard on lots of activities at home. Why not send us photos of your finished work and you might see YOUR photo on our school website!

Ask your parents permission first!

email us your photos/stories/artwork at

We would love to hear from you all and see what you’re up to.

Activities at home

Here are only a few small suggestions to get some ideas flowing for all our students who we know have talent to burn! Why not write a story, AND be in the chance of winning a competition? Read this link for details.

Want something more active to do? Then take part doing PE with The Body Coach each morning at 9am on YouTube.

Here is a little quote about reading to encourage you all to escape into your favourite book at anytime, anyplace.

Covid-19 School Closures

The staff of St.Mary’s NS wish to send our well wishes to our whole school community to keep safe during these challenging times.

For our students, we wish to update you all here on what activities your children can do from home to assist with their education. Please revisit our website regularly whilst the school closures are enforced for updates.

Teachers are currently continuing to plan for your children and are using this time to try and figure out how we can all stay in contact. For now, you can email the school with any queries to Comments can be added below to any post.

New Website Getting Ready for Launch!

Welcome to our new look for 2020! We have been busy working away in the background to develop this new website. We look forward to uploading regular posts with news related to the activities taking place in our school. Check back regularly for school updates, policies and photos of all we’re accomplishing here in St.Mary’s.