A Living History Project

At this present moment, History is being made. These weeks where we’ve been asked to stay at home will go down in History Books. You’ll be telling your own children in years to come about this!
As a whole school let’s make History together!
Over the coming weeks we are asking for you all to write diary entries about what you’re doing at home to keep safe, all the games you’re inventing, the schoolwork you’re now doing at home. Draw pictures, write poems, write letters to loved ones you cannot visit at this moment. When we return to school you can submit the originals, so for now keep these artefacts safe (they’ll instantly become historical documents!), and email us a copy of your historical document so we can showcase it on our website for now.

We will gather ALL these entries and if we receive enough, we have something very special planned! We hope to publish and print all these historical documents in the form of a book that each of us can purchase and keep as a reminder of what happened in OUR school during Covid-19.

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