Staff Meeting

Good morning parents. Last Friday we had our first conference call staff meeting, which was very successful. We discussed how we can deliver the school curriculum to our students remotely.
Should school closures continue beyond March 29th, this is what we have initially planned.

The school website will be used as a portal for our students to stay connected to our school community. Games and links to fun activities will be posted here for students to choose if they want to partake in them. This is intended to be social and fun allowing students to share their photos and catch up with each other.

Contact teachers

All our teachers have created school based email accounts where they will be inviting you all to email them directly so your child can be sent curriculum based school work over the coming weeks, should the school closures continue.

As a school we do not have your email addresses already on file, so for your child to stay connected with their teacher and class work we need you to email us initially using the teachers individual email addresses listed below.

School work was sent home on Thursday 12th March that was intended to keep our students going until March 29th. We had no preparation time to ensure enough was sent home, given how suddenly the closures were announced. Teachers are spending this week planning and preparing virtual content that can be emailed home. We are trying our best to ensure we keep things meaningful for our students and ask you all to appreciate that this is trial and error for us, planning lessons virtually is new territory for us, we hope we will strike the right balance.

Email Us

By emailing the teachers below you will be giving your consent for your email address to be used for school work to be sent to you on a weekly, possibly fortnightly basis.
You may be asked to email copies of your child’s work for their teacher to assess what was completed.

We understand that some families may not have access to laptops, our school content will reflect this and we will be asking for any materials at home to be used to complete this work. The good old fashioned pencil and paper will be employed at this time to be inclusive for everyone.

Teacher Email Addresses

To contact Ms.Meade email:

To contact Ms.Martin email:

To contact Ms. Corrigan email:

To contact Ms.Brennan email:

To contact Ms.Watchorn email:

To contact Mrs.O’Sullivan

To contact Mrs.McGeeney email:

A Living History Project

At this present moment, History is being made. These weeks where we’ve been asked to stay at home will go down in History Books. You’ll be telling your own children in years to come about this!
As a whole school let’s make History together!
Over the coming weeks we are asking for you all to write diary entries about what you’re doing at home to keep safe, all the games you’re inventing, the schoolwork you’re now doing at home. Draw pictures, write poems, write letters to loved ones you cannot visit at this moment. When we return to school you can submit the originals, so for now keep these artefacts safe (they’ll instantly become historical documents!), and email us a copy of your historical document so we can showcase it on our website for now.

We will gather ALL these entries and if we receive enough, we have something very special planned! We hope to publish and print all these historical documents in the form of a book that each of us can purchase and keep as a reminder of what happened in OUR school during Covid-19.


Reverend Kevin recorded a special assembly for our school this weekend. Please see below to view.

Thank you Reverend Kevin for agreeing to record this video for our school.

Each week at assembly we celebrate the birthdays in our school. A big Happy Birthday to both Senan and Andre! We hope you have fun celebrating your birthdays, we’re sending you both a big, virtual “Hip Hip Hooray”!

Andy says Hello!

Our Junior and Senior Infants might be wondering where Andy is now that the school is closed. Ms.Meade informs me that he went home with her last week and is having lots of fun going on adventures with her children.

Andy misses all his friends at school. Maybe some of his friends will draw him a picture or write him a letter so he doesn’t feel so lonely? You can email them to us here and Ms.Meade will help Andy look through them all.

Thank you!

By Amber

Thank you to everyone who is sending in their projects and artwork that is being produced at home! They are brilliant everyone!

The first of which can be viewed in our gallery page. Excellent work done everyone! Keep sending us your photos/stories/poems.

By sharing your activities we will be giving our friends ideas of what they can do at home, but you also might be inspired to try something you haven’t done before too!

We miss you all, and are working hard on ways in which we can all stay connected from our homes.

Friday’s Art Lesson

Traditionally, most teachers have an art lesson prepared for a Friday. Today’s art lesson will be delivered using YouTube. It’s focus is upon using various art forms, including line, shape and texture.
Today you’ll create a modern art version of a “Selfie”! This tutorial looks at the artwork by Canadian Artist, Sandra Silberzweig.

It asks for you to use chalk pastels and coloured paper, but use whatever you might have to hand at home, cereal boxes or plain paper, paint or crayons.

When you’re finished your Sandra Silberzweig inspired “Selfie” email the school with an image of your finished work. We would love to see how it turns out!

Seeking your photos!!!

All your teachers know you’re working hard on lots of activities at home. Why not send us photos of your finished work and you might see YOUR photo on our school website!

Ask your parents permission first!

email us your photos/stories/artwork at

We would love to hear from you all and see what you’re up to.

Activities at home

Here are only a few small suggestions to get some ideas flowing for all our students who we know have talent to burn! Why not write a story, AND be in the chance of winning a competition? Read this link for details.

Want something more active to do? Then take part doing PE with The Body Coach each morning at 9am on YouTube.

Here is a little quote about reading to encourage you all to escape into your favourite book at anytime, anyplace.

Covid-19 School Closures

The staff of St.Mary’s NS wish to send our well wishes to our whole school community to keep safe during these challenging times.

For our students, we wish to update you all here on what activities your children can do from home to assist with their education. Please revisit our website regularly whilst the school closures are enforced for updates.

Teachers are currently continuing to plan for your children and are using this time to try and figure out how we can all stay in contact. For now, you can email the school with any queries to Comments can be added below to any post.

New Website Getting Ready for Launch!

Welcome to our new look for 2020! We have been busy working away in the background to develop this new website. We look forward to uploading regular posts with news related to the activities taking place in our school. Check back regularly for school updates, policies and photos of all we’re accomplishing here in St.Mary’s.