Science Experiments

Here are a variety of exciting science experiments you can try at home! Take photos of your experiments and email them to

Junior Infants – 2nd Class
3rd- 4th class

Email us what your “hypothesis” was after completing YOUR experiments…remember these videos are just a “demonstration”…to make it an experiment you need to do just that…EXPERIMENT!!

5th- 6th class

Simon Harris answers children’s questions

Today (Friday 27th March) Simon Harris will be answering some wonderful questions asked by many children around the country. Check it out, it may help you with any questions you have about why our schools are closed and how to keep yourself and everyone at home safe and sound.

Music Lesson

Today’s music lesson will focus upon rhythm. We will learn crochet, minim, quaver and more in this YouTube lesson.
You will learn how to clap your own name, and then afterwards play your name on some household “musical” instruments. Ask permission first if you’re allowed to use the household appliances for this lesson!
Try and complete the activity for not only your name but also the names of your siblings, pets, favourite singers, authors…the list can be endless! Join all the rhythms together to complete the activity.
Have fun in the process! Dress up, create a band, design a poster for your newly formed band…dance!