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Relationships and Sexuality Education


Relationships and Sexuality Education

This policy contains an important statement of the Ethos of Church of Ireland schools, which informs the approach to Social, Personal, and Health Education.

Social, Personal and Health Education contributes to the work of the school in promoting the health and well being of children and young people in areas such as drugs education, environmental education, safety and social responsibility, healthy eating, alcohol education etc.

Within this context, the aims of R.S.E. are:

• To enhance the personal development, self-esteem and well being of each child.

• To help the child to develop healthy friendships and relationships.

• To foster an understanding of , and a healthy attitude to, human sexuality and

• relationship in a moral, spiritual and social framework.

• To enable the child to acquire an understanding, appreciation and respect for, human love, sexual intercourse and reproduction.

• To develop and promote in the child a sense of wonder and awe at the process of birth and new life.

• To enable the child to be comfortable with the sexuality of oneself and others while growing and developing.

For a full statement of the R.S.E. Policy, including Parents' rights, click here.