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St. Mary's National School, Bagenalstown

Welcome to Our School

St Mary's National School is a co-educational school under Church of Ireland patronage, based in Bagenalstown (Muine Bheag) County Carlow, near the border of County Kilkenny.

St Mary's serves the rural community of Carlow/Kilkenny in the Bagenalstown area.

The school has developed a close working relationship between the community, parents, Board of Management, Church and teaching staff to form a happy, nurturing and inclusive environment for every child.

The school is part of the Church of Ireland's Dunleckney Group of Parishes.

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St. Mary’s NS has four mainstream classrooms and five teachers on staff.  Our fifth teacher provides learning support to pupils who may have additional learning needs. 

At present there are more than 80 pupils attending St. Mary’s NS.  Our school population is small enough to create a small intimate learning community where all students are known and encouraged by all members of staff.

Class size is generally in the low to mid twenties, though this varies with the enrolment intake each year.  Two class groupings work together in each classroom.  Children of different ages learn and play together.  In this multi-class setting, pupils learn from and co-operate with each other.

Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning and the activities are adapted to the needs of the individuals.  The pupils are given opportunities to participate in all aspects of school life at a level that is appropriate to their age and ability. 

There are strong links between all members of the community, Board of Management, Parents, Staff and Pupils.  In fact at St. Mary’s N.S. we all work together to facilitate and enhance the learning experiences of all the pupils.

St Mary's Website

Welcome to our website, where you will find detailed information about the school, as well as news and examples of the work and activities at the school.

• For current parents, there is a noticeboard, and current newsletters are available to download.

• For prospective parents there are full details about how to contact the school, and you are encouraged to do this.

• For pupils, this is your website too - and important activities like the Green Schools initiative are featured here.








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