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Enrolment Policy and Procedures

The following is a summary of the Application procedure. Please contact the school if you have any queries.

Application Procedure

Those intending to apply for enrolment in St. Mary’s National School should complete the Notification of Intention to Apply Form and send it to the school.

All Junior Infants enrol on the first day of the school year. Pupils enrolling to other classes may do so at any time of the year, subject to school policy, available space and in some cases, the approval of the Department of Education and Skills.

Once you have returned a Notification of Intention to Apply Form, Application Form will be sent to you on 10th January in the year of enrolment in the school, together with an Ethos Statement, The Enrolment Admissions Policy and the Code of Behaviour. The completed Application Form should be sent to the school Principal by 25th January, for consideration of applications for the following year.

The Board of Management will consider all applications, and issue decisions within 21 days of the closing date for return of Application Forms.

The full criteria for Enrolment are listed in the Application and Enrolment Policy. The Board of Management may seek further clarification from applicants before making a decision.

If unsuccessful, you will need to follow the same procedure for the following year as waiting lists are not carried forward.


A review of a decision may be requested, generally on the grounds only of additional information not previously submitted at the time of application.

Unsuccessful candidates will be advised of their right to appeal the decision of the Enrolment Committee under Section 29(1) (C) of the Education Act 1998. In this case the unsuccessful applicants can appeal locally to the Board of Management and if necessary, to the Department of Education and Skills.


If the application is successful, a Registration Form, Policy Booklet and Information Booklet will be forwarded. Applicants will be asked to accept the place and complete and return the Registration Form before March 1st, enclosing the child’s birth certificate and any other necessary documents as listed on the form.

Parents of successful applicants will be invited to attend an information meeting, organised during the third term of the school year. At this meeting they will have the opportunity to visit the classroom, meet the principal, a representative of the Parents’ Association and the class teacher.

Successful applicants will be invited to an Induction Afternoon in the summer term. They will have the opportunity to visit the classroom, meet the teacher and fellow pupils and engage in some classroom activities.

For a full statement of the Enrolment Admission Policy click here.