Unexpected School Closures – how to contact the school

12th October 2020

The public health restrictions which resulted in the closure of schools in March 2020 highlighted the need in providing continuity of schooling in the future should schools close again, or if a student is off school for an extended period of time due to COVID19.

Should a parent need to contact a member of staff during an unexpected school closure like in March 2020, please use the email address: stmarysnsbagenalstown@gmail.com and your messages will be forwarded to the relevant teacher.

Communication from teachers and the school will be communicated to parents using Aladdin Connect notices and any further details will be posted on our school website for your reference.

The school phone may not be manned during unexpected school closures, so we ask that parents use the given email address to ensure your message is seen.

Kind regards,

Kathy McGeeney

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