Covid19 – Policy Statement

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Attached is St.Mary’s Covid19 Policy Statement which was recently signed at a Board of Management meeting. This outlines our commitment to keeping all students and staff safe as we all return to our school and to our workplace.

St.Mary’s Covid19 Response Plan, which outlines what logisitcal plans we have in place for the return to school is available on request to

The Covid19 Response Plan will be an ever changing document, that will adapt and change as we need it to throughout the school year.

St.Mary’s Board of Management endeavor to make the return to school as familiar as possible for all our students and staff, while taking all the necessary precautions and adhering at all times to Public Health Advise.

A letter to parents outlining how the return to school will take place will be sent within the next week. Please forward your queries to

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